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Seat Altea Freetrack
09 Paź 2007, 08:21
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Seat Altea Freetrack
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Bazująca na Altei XL wersja Freetrack ma plastikowe zderzaki i nakładki na nadkola.
Z przodu i z tyłu zamontowano osłony chroniące przed uszkodzeniem podwozia. W celu łatwiejszego pokonywania terenu prześwit zwiększono o 40 mm.
Bagażnik liczy 594 l, ale można go zwiększać przesuwając tylne siedzenia wzdłuż nadwozia lub składając je.

ImageNapęd przekazywany jest na cztery koła z wykorzystaniem międzyosiowego mechanizmu różnicowy w postaci płytkowego sprzęgła Haldex sterowanego elektronicznie. W standardowych  warunkach większość momentu obrotowego trafia na przednią oś, a w razie potrzeby do 50 proc. trafia na tylne koła.

Pod maską nowego Seata może pracować turbodoładowany diesel o pojemności 2,0 l rozwijający moc 170 KM lub turbodoładowany silnik benzynowy z bezpośrednim wtryskiem paliwa 2,0 l/200 KM.

Jednostka wysokoprężna pozwala na rozpędzenie auta od 0 do 100 km/h w 8,7 sekundy i osiągnięcie prędkości 204 km/h. Freetrack z silnikiem benzynowym osiąga „setkę” w 7,5 sekundy, a jego prędkość maksymalna wynosi 214 km/h.

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2007-10-13 13:22:04
Jakos nie widze tego auta na ulicach. 
A w tv i prasie wszedzie go promuja. 
Taki drogi jest czy taki slaby? 
Jak sadzicie?

Comment by GUEST on 2007-10-25 08:15:05
Wyglada bardzo bojowo :-)

Comment by GUEST on 2008-01-23 12:34:47
Jeździ lepiej, niż wygląda.  

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-22 13:41:27
risk You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unasfeSent: 24 October 2007 16:39:45To: HelloApologies for emailing out of the blue, but I discovered your website on a list of the 100 best green bloggers and wondered if you might be interested in taking part in a new programme for Five that we are making which is looking at serious consumer issues, but often in a light-hearted way so viewers don’t switch over! Each programme (in the series of six) will look at one big item that will run throughout the show.One of these items is public transport vs. the car. Our presenter, Dom Joly, wants to present a green campaigner with a challenge: he is prepared to ditch his car (something he is very attached to) and try public transport if he finds evidence that commuting will replace the ease of owning his own car. If this is the case, he’ll hand over his keys and admit defeat, but if it isn’t, the interviewer will have to come Monster Truck racing with him – or take part in another un-environmentally friendly past time as a forfeit…The piece is intended to look at the issue of car vs public transport in a funny way whilst underlying the facts about each. It will allow the green campaigner to put across his/her point of view.In terms of time commitments, it will be about 2 days filming.The show is expected to have an audience of 2million viewers per episode and will be on air in March. I wondered if you might be interested in taking part or knew of anyone that would?Please do get in touch if you have any questionsI'd rather roast my bollocks over an open fire.

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-22 15:10:05
Keine Musik ffcr mich. Beat geht mir nicht besonders ab, Flow & Stimme enernirn tatse4chlich bisschen an das Beste aus South & West. Flow wie Bun B, Stimme erinnert an Jay Rock.ich hf6r lieber weiter das fashawn mixtape #freshmen2010

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-23 05:04:06
It's really great that people are sharing this inotomarifn.

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-23 07:01:38
We so enjoyed last nhigts' Crushpad dinner! The Ivy Wild selections were delicious and so were all the wines you had for us to try! For our glass of wine, four of us chose 4 different wines and then chose the syrah for dinner! Excellent! The music was soft and nice for dinner conversations, but the real entertainment was watching Maria and her helicopter service to you and the cherries! That was amazing to watch. We used helicopters for our Christmas tree harvest years ago and the name of the game for that was speed! For cherry tree operations, it is just the opposite! Do hope that worked for you last night! Thank you for a great evening, and we look forward to joining you again for another Crushpad dinner event!

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-23 11:31:08
Captain Crushpad,Couldn't think of a more deserving winenr than yourself and glad to have been a part of the first crushpad experiment night, porch torch and all. Was it 5% petit verdot or 9??. Regardless, your passion for wine will carry you great places (remember Kathleen and I have dibs on your first winery guest house), Say hello to Amy and the girls for us and good luck!Phil

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-24 01:26:02
o7ZQt2 qoufkqpvdhyw

Comment by GUEST on 2013-06-24 01:47:03
oLoKBT oexmwfspuovs

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